About us

Hi from Anny & Wolfgang!


We live in Edmonton and share our motorbike passion with our friends.

Wolfgang hit the roads with his motorbike in the 80´s from his hometown, Gieboldehausen, Germany, to discover the world, eventually finding his partner Anny in Alberta.

Wolfgang is the founder of motorbike events such as the MRT Germany & MRT Canada and was also involved as an organizer for the past BMW GS Challenges in Western Canada. Wolfgang catches every opportunity to stay close to his motorbike interest:

  • Wolfgang was an organizer and marshall for the international BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2014 held in Alberta/BC which featured 64 riders (16 teams from 18 nations).
  • Wolfgang is trained as a BMW offroad instructor/tour guide with certification from BMW Motorrad’s International Instructor Academy (IIA) and International Tourguide Academy (ITA).

This year, Anny and Wolfgang are proud to announce that the 11th anniversary of the MRT Canada will be held August 2-5, 2019 at Toad Rock Campground near Nelson, BC.